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Phone: +7 495 139 18 18
Park in Soluxe Hotel Moscow bridge

Chinese Park

The largest formal Chinese park outside of China

Soluxe Hotel Moscow features the largest traditional Chinese park outside of China,  covering over 50 000 square meters. Our guests and visitors can enjoy wonderful walking areas, ponds, authentic garden houses, and open galleries. All of the buildings’ designs are inspired by the best traditions in Chinese landscape and village architecture, with all the plants, stones and construction materials brought directly from China. The park offers a unique opportunity for photo shootings, welcome cocktails, evening receptions and other outdoor activities. The park could also be a great summer option for special private events. In front of the central entrance is the area of traditional “money” trees and “singing” stones. When the wind blows, visitors may hear melodic sounds that spread over the garden.

The statue of Confucius, the Chinese greatest philosopher, is prominently located in the centre, facing the main entrance and welcoming every guest.

We have developed a special running route for those guests who enjoy jogging and want to immerse in the calmness of nature.

The park is also a unique wedding venue. Just imagine an exclusive photo shoot in an authentic Chinese garden atmosphere!

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